Copperline Shine

Fredrick Fencke



Freddy “Fast-Fingers” Fencke fell in love with the guitar in his early teen years, and discovered the world of music recording and production not long thereafter. At the age of 19, he left suburban Uppsala to work as a songwriter, producer and all-round musician at a small studio right in the heart of the Stockholm. He has cut songs with a variety of European artists in many different genres of music as both a producer and guitarist.


Influenced by a consummate trail blazer such as Richie Kotzen, classy chicken pickers like Brent Mason and the tasteful tones of Nils Lofgren, he is easily 1/2 of this 3 man band with his soulful leads.

Tommy Cole

Guitar, vocals


Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Cole, a Nashville recording artist, spent several years performing on Broadway in bars such as Tootsies, Rippys, Honkey Tonk Central and The Basement. One of the best songwriters NYC has seen of late, Tommy has found his niche in NY and is back at writing new material with local artists. Prior to his recent move to New York, Cole had released a single “Water Down My Whiskey” and an EP labeled “MY Kinda Crowd” which can be found on iTunes.